Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple:
Owning a home is a difficult and solitary task. It is also expensive, paying for help, and buying what you need. You have to figure out how to take care and manage this big, complicated, and expensive thing, all on your own.
This is never more real than when your home needs work and you have to find help. How do you find someone, a professional who does good work and charges fairly? Yes, that’s the problem! It’s REALLY hard.

Why is it hard to find help?
•    Because, like we said, you’re on your own.
•    Because you don’t have time to hunt and check.
•    Because you don’t know where to look, who to ask, where to turn. Maybe some random list, or on line, or ask a friend? There just isn’t a best place to look for help.
•    And if you do finally find someone, you really, really hate asking the questions you need to check them out. (things like references, licence, and insurance.)

UnitedHomies answers this profound problem by uniting homeowners . . .
•    UnitedHomies is homeowners united to get good work at a fair price. Everyone gets equal access to good help.
•    UnitedHomies is homeowners united to get deals and discounts. As a group, we have buying power!

How does UnitedHomies do it?
You know, the finding good help thing? It’s actually quite elegant.
Until now, there’s been no coordinating authority keeping track of homeowners’ needs. Every homeowner had to stumble alone, trying to find help. This was time consuming, exhausting, unreliable, and sometimes even futile.
What was needed was an honest and reliable organizer to do 2 things:
1. To collect and keep track of all homeowners’ work and help requests. Homeowners submit their help requests in just one place.
2. To maintain a roster of qualified home service professionals who have been checked and vetted. These are professionals who are keen to help homeowners.

And so that’s UnitedHomies, your honest matchmaker. We keep track of your work and help requests. We introduce you to qualified home service professionals who have been checked and are able and keen to work.

Extra Protection! Good Guys - Bad Guys, We Keep Track
Yes. There is the odd contractor who does poor work. And the next unsuspecting homeowner would never know. There was no central authority keeping track of their work and holding them accountable.
Until now . . .
Every homeowner’s request for help is now centrally monitored. That’s the key point. It’s easy to keep track of the work flow and quality.

To be sure, both homeowners and contractors are protected. All feedback and reviews are moderated.  They are checked before they are made public and can have any impact.

FEEL GOOD - You have good reason to feel good about UnitedHomies!
♥ we're OPEN
•    UnitedHomies is for everyone! Our mission is to support ALL homeowners, past, current and even possible future!
•    We exist to build and support the community. UnitedHomies is for the members, not for profit, not to make billions for founders or investors. Our focus is to do good and make sure our members benefit.
•    UnitedHomies is member supported. We reinvest everything available into improving UnitedHomies.
      ⊕  Joining is free.   ⊕  Asking for help is free.   -   ⊕  Signing up for discounts is cheap.  -   ⊕  Supporting donations are always welcome. 
♥ we're FAIR
•    Yes, UnitedHomies is not profit driven. UnitedHomies never takes a commission from the contractors or service professionals. Home improvement centres charge a commission of 20% or more when they send you ‘help’. So, your price needs to be higher to recover that dreaded commission. UnitedHomies never takes a commission so the price you get is fair.
•    UnitedHomies strongly respects you and your right to privacy. Your information is NEVER sold or shared. We use only what is needed to help you. And we do all we can to protect it. This is spelled out in our privacy policy.